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What all formats can this use for video playback? Is there a specific codec pack i need to install?


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    I believe it should be able to cope with any video format that Windows Media Player can play.

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    Although what gushie said is true sometimes you have to trick openlp into thinking its playing a certain format in order to play another.

    For example I needed to play a .flv file. Widows media player cant play this unless you have a codec for it so I found K-Lite Mega Codec Pack on google and installed it. This allowed windows media player to play not only .flv but tons of other formats as well. This still didnt solve my problem though. Openlp only allows you to add videos with .avi, .mpeg, .mpg, .m1v, .mp2, .mpa, .mpe, .mov, .divx, .wmv, .asf extensions. So even though widows media player can now play a .flv format I cant add it to openlp. So what I did was change the extesion of the .flv video to .avi and then added it to openlp. It worked with no problems. Now I cant say this will work for every format but its worth a shot. And by the way the codec pack is free.

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    Another question...

    We use alot of Iworship DVDs in our services for music/singing. Will OpenLP 2.0 be able to support this?


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    Another workaround to this (other than renaming the file) is just to type the filename into the Select Video File dialog. You can type in files even if they don't display in the file list, all you need to do is remember the name!

    This also allows you to add music files, e.g. mp3's to openlp too.

  • Greetings,

    Just downloaded Open LP. We are a small church trying to play our videos So far everything is pretty good except we are not able to get our .mpg video files to play in Open LP. Any help would be very appreciated. We need the .mpg files to play. Thank you. I can be reached at

  • @djw1500 Install the 32-bit version of VLC, and then set OpenLP to use VLC to play videos (in the OpenLP settings).

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