Issue with PNG images

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I've noticed that to view the PNG images on this website, I have to save them to my HD first...

On other websites (e.g., I click on the image link and the .png file opens in the browser with the image in the top-left corner of the screen.
On this website however (e.g., clicking the link, or even right-clicking the image and selecting 'View image' brings up the 'Save As' dialog without the option to view it in the browser.

As I've never had this issue before, I figure it's a problem with the way this site is setup... but I could be wrong.


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    I asked a friend about this, and he said it's possibly an issue with the server, or the way the images were uploaded.

    If you run "wget -S [image URL]" from the terminal in Linux, it prints out information about the image, specifically the Content-Type.
    For the Wikipedia image above, the output was: "Content-Type: image/png".
    For the blog image above, the output was: "Content-Type: application/octet-stream".

    For some reason, the images on your site are being treated as applications and hence are wanting to be downloaded, not opening in the browser.

    Note that this also applies to .jpg images on your site, not just .png images.

    Further note, it seems this only applies to images within, or attached to, nodes; not images as part of the design/layout (i.e. the projector and logo in the header work fine)...

    Peter Anderson

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    I'll chat with the hosting provider, and see what we can do about it.

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