version 1.2.1 released

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Since I feel the announcements forum is under-used, I thought I would use it to make an announcement - for all of you who read the forums but not the front page! :)

Derek has released 1.2.1

This fixes a few bugs from 1.2 which introduced the ability to add audio and then link them to songs, and also gets CCLI SongSelect working!

If you download this new version, and think it is as fantastic as we do then please help us let others know. You can rate or review both at Sourceforge and Ohloh.

Also if you or your Church has a website or a blog, it would be great if you could blog about us or create a link to this site. If you link it with text along the lines of free church/worship presentation software then it will also help others find it via search engines.


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