Importing a Second Bible Version, lost The First One

Hi! Great Software!

I imported the ESV bible from CSV files, worked great. But afterwards I noticed the NKJV I had previously imported was no longer there?

Perhaps I did something wrong. Any ideas?

Blessings, Mike


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    Hi Mike,

    Very strange problem you've got there. I've been importing Bibles a fair bit recently to try and sort out problems for someone else and haven't noticed this issue. Individual Bibles are held in different files on disk so I don't know why importing one would cause another one to go missing. I also know one can't overwrite another due, since it throws up an error!

    So a few questions:

    1. Did you import the Bibles at the same time (one after the other) or had openlp been closed down and restarted between attempts?

    2. Do you use Vista or Windows 7? I only ask because I know they do strange things with folders if you don't have permissions to write to a folder, and wonder if it might be related.

    3. Would you be able to log on to the computer as an administrator and search the whole of the C: drive for files ending ".bible"? See if we can find it hiding somewhere.


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    Turns out I was wrong :)  I confused two different installations, and there was no previous version present. My apologies.



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