Openlp with XP codec pack

Hello, new user, checked over the topics and couldn't find this, hope you can help me

I installed Openlp, and read about how the XP codec pack would make it possible to use videos with other extensions. I installed this codec pack on the computer and it works- I can view a .mp4 for example, but I still cannot play the .mp4 through the Openlp program. It's kind of messy to have to blank the screen in Openlp and switch around the XP Codec to make its output send to the second screen(projector) directly. Did I miss a step that would install the XP codec pack into the Openlp program instead of just into the computer, so that Openlp can run the .mp4 directly?


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    drburney, Does openlp try to play the mp4 file or can you not get it loaded into the media manager? Certain file types on my setup and I believe .mp4 is one of them openlp won't open the file through the file open box because somehow the file isn't associated to get around this you can type the file location in the file open box for example C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\video.mp4


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    Thought about that, tried to bring the file in and OPENLP could not display the video- even though the XP codec pack had no problem playing the file.

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