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Firstly well done Openlp team! What an awesome piece of software, far superior to SongPro in terms of functionality and ease of use. 

The only problem I've discovered so far is when I try to use music/lyric powerpoint slides. It will dlsplay the lyrics but will not play the integrated music file or forward the slides in the correct timing sequence. 

Is there something I'm doing wrong or is Openlp unable to deal with these files at present? Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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    Hi Glen,

    If on the target machine you open the file in PowerPoint itself, rather than through openlp, does it work OK?

    (OpenLP just acts as a frontend and uses PowerPoint to show the presentation, so a bit baffling if it does work in PowerPoint but not via OpenLP)

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    Hi Gushie,

    Thanks for your reply. When I open the file in Powerpoint and press 'view slide' the slides forward in time with the music correctly. When I use Openlp and add powerpoint file to the order of service and 'go live' two powerpoint icons appear in the taskbar. The first one allows you to view the original slides and the second one allows you ot scroll and project them onto the screen. Unfortunately no music is playing and slides do not scroll automatically.

    Would it help if I forwarded you and example?

    Blessings Glen 

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