Song Chorus/Verse identification

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!st off i want to say what a really good job you guys have done so far!!!!!! I'm learning python, and hope to be able to help you out one day! Maybe I could do some non programming stuff?

Anyways, my feature request. For the songs can ecahe chorus/verse be identifies, sor for example, verse 1 would have "V1" or verse one next to it and the chorus "C" and bridge "B" etc?  Linked in to this, could be short keys, so for example pressing "1" would call up verse 1, "2", verse 2, "c" the chorus, and "b" the bridge.

These are the features I like most about the software were currently using (Words of worship), but it doesnt do video or pictures. Would like to switch to openlp when its out!




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