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I am Using Windows Vista and version 1.2.2.  This evening I tried, unsuccessfully, on four ocasions to add a new song to the library.  Got all the way through to the end of the wizard and pressed finish.  Wizard closed, but the songs did not appear in the library.  Even a search does not show up the songs.  I then tried to import the same song from songselect, but the import wizard says that there is already a song with that title and lyrics in the library.  Again nothing in the list.  I then deleted a few songs from the existing library and was then able to create the song that I had wanted and get it to appear on the list.  Is there a limit to the number of songs that can be added to the library?


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    Hi PeterG

    There is certainly no limit on songs (We've got 2400 in our database).

    However I have been able to duplicate your problem, it looks like the song wizard doesn't work, so I'll pass the problem onto the devs.

    To workaround it, when you start the add song wizard, click the "Classic View" button. Adding the song this way will make it appear in the song list.

    Hope this solves the problem!


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