Few features/improvements (or a lot ?)

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I have been (and still is) the very happy user of openlp for at least half a year (and so has the church :-)

I have a few small features (perhaps they have already been mentioned in this forum) that I would really like. I now this is a long list, I just needed to load them of somewhere.

I am using openlp v1.2.2.


* Export for themes in the same way as exporting songs (more than one at a time)
We are a few church members that share the songs etc. It would be really nice if it also was possible to easily share the created themes.

* The possibility of renaming a theme (and automatically updating theme name in songs if wanted)

* The possibility of small thumbnails of the theme selected for each song in the Order of Service list (this would really help me when choosing a theme for each song, I do not need to click on all songs to see which theme was selected for the song so I don't use the same theme/picture twice)

* Large pictures used in a theme causes slow transitions between verses (more than a second).
This could be solved with either speeding up verse transistions (programming optimization) or by giving the possibility to resize the picture when creating the theme.

* Really looking forward to the text over video feature!!!

* Sometimes when editing a theme it will discard the horizontal/vertical settings, and you will need to set them again.

* In the Live column it would be really nice if the selected verse was not always at the bottom when scrolling down (so it is actually possible to se part of the next upcoming verse)

* Filenames with special international characters are not properly supported (but are by the OS). For instance when creating a new theme, you select the picture filename (in the open file dialog) but the picture is not shown. If I rename the file it works fine.

* Fading slide transitions (like in easy worship)

* I don't like the CTRL+ALT+N shortcut to be used for selecting the next slide, it is too close to the CTRL+N shortcut for creating a new OOS (imaging selecting the next slide during service, but accidently not pressing down the ALT key properly and wupti the whole OOS is gone)


Although this is a very long list, I am really very happy with openlp. It is really great program, same ease of use as Easy Worship, it is quite stable and totally free!

Keep up the good work,


Mads Lind Christiansen
Embedded Software Developer (if I can help with anything)




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    Hi Mads,

    Thanks for the feature requests (and a few bugs!) and I'm glad that you're a happy user of openlp!
    Some of these features have already made it into v2, which is currently under development. You obviously use themes quite heavily, especially if each song requires a different theme and we'll consider your requests but can't promise to do them all.

    As you're a developer you're more than welcome to join our team! I'm not sure there is much call for an embedded version of openlp (well unless we could embed it in a video projector ;) but I'm sure your skills could easily be put to use if you have any spare time. Join us on IRC or take a look around our wiki for more info.

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    Hi Gushie

    Thanks for your quick reply.

    Yes, we are typically using a theme for each song (to emphazice the lyrics if possible).

    Currently I am very busy at work, am starting up as a freelance developer in the new year. Currently though I can offer to do a Danish translation of openlp, if no one is currently working on this?

    If I in the future would get more spare time, I might be able to help out on the software development side.

    Best wishes,



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    hey Mads,

    It'd be great if you created a Danish translation. As far as i know, no one is working on it. Just translate the XML and set it to any developer or just link it in a post.

    happy new year!


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