example for csv Files for Bible Import


I want to use openlp for our church now. So I tryed to import some Bibles. I have the Bible Converter from Martin Runge (I downloaded it before the Website was down because of his death) and I wanted to convert some txt Files which are Bibles in German Language.

But I have some trouble with all this.

First what have I done till now:

  • I followed the steps in this (german) help: http://openlp.org/de/download/bibeln/bibel_bersetzungen.html
    • I used this Converter with input my txt file:
      It contains lines like this:
      1#Matthäus,1,1#1. Buch des Geschlechts Jesu Christi, des Sohnes Davids, des Sohnes Abrahams.
      (Only the new Testament)
    • I i set an output file named "out.tsv"
    • The "type" of Input is "PlainTextFiles Form A (Book, Capter, Vers)
    • Out-Format is tsv of course
    • Than I said start and so I have a tsv file which I convert with Open Office Calc to a csv File with Lines like this:
      "1#Ma",1,1,"#1  Buch des Geschlechts Jesu Christi, des Sohnes Davids, des Sohnes Abrahams."
  • Now I want to import this csv File in openlp
    • I Said Import > Bible > CSV
    • I Named the Bible and said the Copyrights and the short Name
    • Now I don'tknow exactly what to do...
      • I tryed to let the first question free (List of Testaments)
      • And I set up for the other 2 questions my csv File.
      • But when I do that, it does something a long time and then it ends with an error (I cant say now which is ist, because i have to wait the long time now till this error is showing again)

I thought maybe I did something wrong with the csv files I said in the last 3 steps. So maybe anyone can give me such csv files (even in an other langugae, e.g. english) and tell me how to import in openlp corectly. Then I can see how the csv files have to be and so maybe I can rebuild this for my german ones.

so best regards from me ;-)


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