Architecture mis-match error when trying to run Songbook Util w/ v1.2.2 on Win 7

I recently found the Song book utility and have been playing with it on our win XP and vista systems.  However, our production laptop is Win 7  Home Premium 64bit.

I installed sqliteodbc and the song book vbs.  When I run the program, the dialog appears and I enter the OOS file location.  When you hit OK, I get a VBS error that complains about an architectural mismatch between the Driver and the Application. 

Thinking I may have installed the 32 bit version, I downloaded the 64 bit version but I get the same error.  Can both versions co-exist or must I unistall the 32 bit version? 

I really don't want to copy the files to another system just for the purpose of printing the songbook sheets.  We use them to confirm with the music group that the song is correct and the verses, etc. are in the correct order.

Any guidance would be appreciated.  We went live December 20th and have had a great time with OpenLP so far.  I can't wait for 2.0 to stabilize, it looks awesome!  (Verse,refrain,bridge identification, etc.)



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