video display problem

I am new to openlp but had no further problems in handlings the program and i realy (realy :-) like it.

The only problem i face is, that i can´t run videos. The tone is running, but i have no picture. The failiure message i get say "Der Vorgang kann nicht ausgeführt werden, da die Filteranschlüsse nicht verbunden sind ($80040209)."
(in english something like: filter links (?) are not connected properly).

I have the codec-pack installed as recomended and it works fine with other programs. So the videos can be run and i can watch them, eg with vlc.
I tried it with mpeg2 and divx encoded videos.

On one occasion i got the message that ffdshow would not work with unknown programs, but that message didnt pop up a second time.

Has anybody any suggestion how to fix the problem?

Many thanks.


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    hey bonkers and welcome to openlp from me. we have a growing number of users from germany and i'm excited about that - as i am from germany myself.

    the problem you are describing is probably a problem with windows media player. can you play the movie with it? version 1 uses the same routine windows media player uses to play videos.

    vlc has a totally different concept, so if a video plays in vlc it doesn't mean it will play in wmp.

    can you check that for me? if you have anymore questions, you are welcome to join the channel on

    regards, patrick

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    hey patrick,

    thanks for trying to help me.

    to your question. the wmp that comes with the xp codec pack plays the videos as well as vlc does.

    can it be that the ffdshow knows wmp and works fine with it and doesn´t know openlp for some reason and so refuses to decode the video?

    as i mentioned before the tone works fine in openlp.

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    There's an option in the settings dialog for a video output type. Try toggling that option and see if it has any effect.

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    hi raoul,

    that was it! so simple. i love this program! :-)

    many thanks for your help.
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