Getting Afrikaans Liedboek Songs?

Hi, I am the pastor of an Afrikaans Reformed Church. We are currently looking for software to use in our church during services. We have been looking at Lyrix, but OpenLP has really intrigued us. It appears easier to use and a lot more effecient. The only question we have is if it is possible to get the words for the Afrikaans Liedboek into OpenLP. Lyrix supports the Liedboek automatically. I do suspect that it should be possible since we saw that the program supports Afrikaans.

Also, we currently make use of some Powerpoint presentations during services and we make quite extensive use of a wireless presenter for powerpoint. When using OpenLP, will it still be possible to run powerpoints via a wireless presenter?

Another question we had from some members: is it possible to display the musical notations with the words? Especially when learning new songs it can become important.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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    Do you have the Liedboek in electronic format? Importing it into shouldn't be too much of a hassle if it's in an open or standardised format.

    As an aside, while 1.x doesn't really support much in the line of importing songs, OpenLP 2.0 will have a pluggable import system enabling developers to easily write song import modules.

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