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on the audio bar there is this green note button which opens a drop down menu where it says "track list".
but i just can´t find how to create a track list. when i add new mp3 audio files they are added always as single items on the order of service tab - even if i mark and add multiple songs.

please can anybody tell me how to create track lists?
because i haven´t found anything of it in the documentation or forum.

many thanks


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    If you add/edit a song, you can add multiple tracks to it in the song editor.

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    hm.. and where do i find the song editor?

    the only option i found is to add songs from the left "media manager" to the right "order of service" column. when i select a file in the "order of service" column it goes to the "live" column. right above the small preview window at the bottom i then find three buttons to deal with the audio file. a "play" and a "stop" button and this green note button which opens the drop-down menu which comes with four options: "pause", "next track" (grayed out), "previous track" (grayed out), "track list" (where i can see only the name of the selected audio file, but cannot make any changes).

    i did some right-clicking on different items and buttons but with no real success.
    i believe the answer i simple, but unfortunately i just don´t get it.
    so could anyone give me further help? maybe some screen shot to stick mi nose to this song editor? ;-) that would be great.

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    Right-click on a song in the media manager, and click on "edit". Voila, song editor.

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    all right. now i got it. had to create a new "song" (slide) first, which i didn´t. i always added the mp3 files themselves to the order of service.
    my thanks to gushie and raoul.

    but wouldn´t it be easier to allow making "audio slides" in the audio tab, so that i don´t have to have a song-slide with no text on it, when i just want some music to be played?
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    To be honest, the audio integration was primarily to enable backing tracks to be added to songs and pre/post service slides. The reason for the audio tab was to provide a way to manage the tracks.  Adding the individual tracks to the order of service was an afterthought. In retrospect, I guess I could have provided a mechanism to select a bunch of tracks and add them to the OOS as a tracklist item. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to build in that functionality at the moment and as Raoul mentions, that functionality will be in V2.

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