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Is it possible to have a playlist creator made for the audio files.  Kind of like a custom slid but for the audio.  That way it would play continuous from song to song without a person advancing the songs.


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    If you add a new song, you will see that you can add multiple audio files to it.

    By going live on this song, it would in effect be your playlist.

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    I am not adding audio songs to a song.  I would like a playlist of just audio songs to go live with by themselfs.  So I could play just the audio files without them being hooked into a song.

    I can put multipule audio songs into live but They play as individual songs not continous from one audio file to the next.

  • Hi, I am new to this forum in fact any forum so bare with me. I trust that I am posting to the correct discussion to request new features. 

    I am using OpenLP to present a children's program in an Ethiopian church.  Firstly I will say that OpenLP has been the best and most versatile presentation software I have come across.  When working in children's ministry, most of us are not working with live bands or live music of any kind.

    I present a lot of Images, custom slides and songs with audio backgrounds.
    1. It would be extremely useful if I could define an audio background to each of these slides without having to define an individual Theme for each one.
    2. It would be extremely useful if audio could be set to continue in the background across slides. This could be don't by inserting an audio file with a global audio controls.

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