Wireless transmitter and receiver for sending from laptop to monitor.

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HI Group,

I am new here and in Texas, USA.  We have a small church with about 25-40 attending on Sunday mormings.  We just put up a 55 inch monitor.  I would like to send the songs to the monitor wireless,  I have not found any thing worth trying,  Best But has a product but even the sales man said dont buy.  ge said signal flakey line of sight and would not go 10 feet.

Wonder if any one herehas thoughts about wireless.

Thanks inadvance



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    I would agree with the salesman. VGA signal is not very strong, stick it with wireless, which is also not very strong, and you've got a recipe for disaster.

    In both my previous and my current church they have a long VGA cable that goes from the computer to the data projector, and it's actually fine. I thought they'd need a repeater after about 20/25 metres (sorry, don't know feet), but they work fine at about 30-40 metres.

    Wires are maybe "not cool" and sometimes get in the way a little, but they are still the most reliable way to get your signal where it needs to be.

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    I understand the meters thing had to deal with in High School and some in college.

    I was just hoping maybe we could get some type of wireless that was radio signal not line of sight.

    We are not set up very well for pluging in the laptop or running the VGA wire.  I have no clue why but they didn't even put any electrical plugs along the walls.  The sanctuary is maybe 50 feet from platform to back.  I have already bought a 50 foot VGA wire.  I had hoped my wife who helps lead the worship songs would run the computer.  She is not very computer literate but I felt she could handle openlp.

    But, some things caused her to want to back out.  I am the one setting this up and you might say it is MY BABY!  I have one man that might run it from a pew but perhaps until it is well running maybe I am selfish.  You know how some times people profess that they know a lot but then when you get in to what they know they are not as sharp as THEY SAID THEY ARE.  This man is a new member and I just wanted to handle it.  Guess I forgot to say I am also sort of what I call the back up playing the organ.  Again guess I am being selfish but have even considered running it from the organ.  From the organ at the front there is power and also it is just maybe 15 to 20 feet from the 55 inch screen.  My wife stands by the organ to direct across the sanctuary where the piano is and where about 5 ladies stand behind the pianoist.

    I do have one other question.  I am a photographer by profession over many years.  I have been dealing with digital camers and images now for maybe 6 to 8 years. 

    Can you tell me what the themes are.  I have not gone into the program to see if they are jpg or what.  Can you tell me abou reaching them and adding to them.


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    Hi Al,

    The themes are managed through the Theme Manager (there's a section in the documentation on the site about the theme manager). Themes can take most image files for their backgrounds, but I recommend sticking jpgs and pngs.

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    I see your comment about you already having the VGA cable, but another option is a VGA cat5 extender. This uses the thinner cat5 cables so is much less intrusive than the thicker VGA cables and they can also run for longer lengths without signal loss or need of boosters.

    But I would also be a bit wary of trying to do it wireless. We did once use one of the domestic wireless video senders to hook up a (low-def) video recorder at the back 15 metres away from a projector, and it worked OK. But it was prone to interference and loss of quality and so we abandoned it, although it was only cheap! Also does your church use radio microphones? If so, the less amount of equipment using the airwaves the better!

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    I started projecting in our services last year and I had the same problem. Didnt want to be near the projector and I didnt want a long vga cable.


    Solution: Infocus liteshow II


    Its a wireless device (router) that connects your laptop to the projector through WiFi & VGA and it works immaculately.It even sends sound to the router as well through the wireless connection

    It work perfectly for us because we normally use three or more laptops and all can be connected to the router (only one can project at a time though)

    I saw it being retailed for $200 on Amazon, but I went on ebay and got it for about $45. it took alot of patience but it was worth the wait seeing that the price variance is so much.


    If you need more information... just ask

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    Similar to the above solution, you could have a laptop/PC connected to the monitor, running openLP, and another PC at the back of the church.  Over a wireless network you could use a bit of software called VNC.

    It's a small program in two parts, you instal the server on the machine connected to the monitor and the client on the machine at the back.  It will show you the monitor PC's screen on the PC at the back, allowing you to take control of it without spending much cash.

    You wouldn't need a high spec machine, you may have an old PC kicking around that you could use.  Both PCs would need a wifi connection, you could set up an ad-hoc network between them.

    This article explains how to set VNC up: http://www.wikihow.com/Use-RealVNC

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    We went throught the same situation your going thru.  We purchased a Addlogix InternetVue 2100. We were told it would do what we needed to do and that was send worship videos. After days of trials and many calls to tech support we just could not get it to work without video jerking on us. Dont get me wrong its a great device for power point or a picture slide show but, video was a different story. I ended up purchasing a CAT5 VGA system that works great.

    Ive never used the Infocus liteshow II but it looks like the same device as the InternetVue except the the fps is lower on the Infocus and the InternetVue has a DVI port also.

    If your only going to do power point wireless would work.  Video is just questionable.

    If your on a small budget like us check Ebay. Search cat5 vga.  I purchased a altinex system for $40 and another system I think it was UTI for $20. Both work flawlessly. If not the systems can run in the 100s of dollars.

    just me 2cents ,


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    Tried to do some reading on Infocus Lite show II but didn't get much understanding.  Most wiresless I have seen is a transmitter and a receiver.  I didn't understand the part of as if it is a router.  How does dignal get from laptop to say tv screen or projector.  I could not quite understand?  Some reviews said this unit hard to set up. Your comments seem very positive.  Is there any disruption or problem with wireless mikes?  How far does the unit carry? Any further info apreciated.

    Thanks Al

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    I just read a post on another website forum churchmedia.net and someone has purchased the Infocus liteshow II. Not a good review. It has lag.

    The unit uses your wireless network card to connect to the infocus.



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