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I have been a professional photogrpher for many years.  I have been working with digital photos for 7 or 8 years.  We are trying to start openlp in our church. Did I miss themes or do we need to add ones ourselves.  I was wondering what format the themes are in.  I have not yet gone into the program to look for a folder titled themes but wondered if I an take digital photos jpg and add them to themes.

After THOUGHT!  I see here to the left a theme Gallery.  How do I get them into the program?  I did discover I could go to the theme section in the color pallat and did add a background I had.

But, I still am not sure how to download the ones in the Theme Gallery.  Do I just download them in to a file folder on my computer and then put them in.

Thanks in advance any and all help



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    Main Menu > Documentation > Importing & Exporting Data > Themes > Importing Themes

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    Thanks for hanging in here with me.  I will get it some how. I have been fighting a stoumach virus and maybe the old brain is not working.

    I did get already to where you directed me.  Being a photographer I had some backgrounds and was able to import one in as a jpg.  I see here on this side menu there is a Theme Gallery.  I assume those are available to import. But, when I go where you direct me I get to the file where I imported my background.  I am having trouble figuring out how to get back to openlp Themes.  I can get openlp in my upper part of the drop down screen but can seem to find a way to get to a Theme Gallery.  Am I correct they are there and available and I am just not getting there.  Perhaps sitting here not feeling well is a hinderence.  It is not often here in TX but we are getting a covering of snow. Do you have snow there where you are.  I have never been out of USA except Mexico years ago so don't know much about other parts of the workd.  It is SO UNIQUE to talk to someone clear across the world on this NET THING.


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    Back to basics, just to check we're all on the same page! I think you want to create your own themes, rather than download ones from the website.

    If you look on this Application Layout page, the lower right section "8" is where the themes are found. This is what you call your theme gallery.

    To add a new theme, click on the little icon of a paint palette, the left most button on the Theme Manager's toolbar. From here you can follow these instructions to create the Theme. On the Background section of the Wizard, you can choose "Image" as your background type, and then browse to your own photographs.

    When you've finished creating the theme, how you activate the theme depends on how you've set OpenLP up.

    If in Options -> Settings, Theme Settings, you've selected "Use global default theme", then all you need to do is double click on a theme in the theme manager. Next time you go live on a song, the theme will be activated.

    If you are set to "Use order of service" themes, then in the top right of openlp, next to where it says "Order of Service", you will see a dropdown list of themes, from which you can select the one you want. Again it'll display next time you go live on something.

    Finally, if you are using "Song themes" then songs without a theme will use the Order of Service theme (as above), or you can edit the song and choose the Theme at the bottom of the song editor.

    Hope this helps,





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    Hi, I want to use themes I downlosd from the net, but wondering if once I've done that I then need to convert files (eg. from jpeg to .theme files) in order to do this. What do you suggest?

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    A .theme file is a group of settings and things. A JPEG is just an image. You will need to set the JPEG as your theme's background.

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