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I'm just about 10 minutes new to this forum, so excuse any mistakes Laughing


First I'd like to thank you guys for making this amazing software. OpenSong, easislides and the rest pretty much sucks...

However, there is one thing I can not keep of my mind when it comes to features in OpenSong. Coming from EasyWorship, I'm missing lots of, not only smart, but according to me pretty basic functions (if you'll excuse my rudeness). The main thing is the ability to separate verses from choruses, so that it in stead of "slide" says like "verse" or "chorus" (or more, like ending or bridge). It would also be nice if the import minded these details also

The second is the easiness (right word? I'm from sweden) of getting a song from the big browser to the "live view". You have to right-click on the song and choose live, which i think is a pretty long way to go. I'm a projection driver myself at the local church, and I often find myself searching for songs on the fly, and i doubt i'm alone. Therefore, it would be a lot more easier if it was easier to be able to get the text at the wall. For example, showing the most relevant song in the preview while searching through the lyrics so that you quickly can see if it's the right song

I'd really like these points to get better :) I'm not trying to turn openlp into easyworship or whatever, but this is the few things that is keeping openlp from perfect, actually Laughing

Oh and by the way, I'm sorry if i sounded like your boss Frown I really appriciate your work!


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    Verse tagging is coming in version 2.0.

    On your second point, we've debated the "one-click-preview" a few times, and decided that it's better to stick with double-clicking a song to preview it. Forcing a preview on each click of a song only slows OpenLP down and makes it more difficult to "quickly" find a song.

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    The first point there is great! I tried the 2.0 version but something went wrong, everything looked wired Cry


    It's also a good thing you've discussed the second point. Can I add my opinion? Laughing

    I can agree with you that automatically prewieving a song while typing would probably kill a slow (really slow) computer. However, when you single-click on a song, what else could you would like to do but previewing the song? Of course it would be a waste of processing power and time to preview the song if someone knows a song is the right one (just by looking at the song name then), and since right-clicking then would preview the song that would be bad. But finding the right song, just by looking at its name, is rarely happening, at lest rarely happening to me.

    But that is actually pretty secondary, the main thing was that with the verse/chorus tagging, and that was taken care of so i'm happy Smile

    Oh and by the way, I'm at Chalmers university, studying computer engineering so if you need any help, i'd love to help Laughing


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    Hang out with us in IRC (details on the Contact Us page), and chat with us. Most folks are in timezones close to GMT, so if nobody answers, it's probably because we're sleeping! Wink

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    Hi again!

    I finally got the OpenLP 2.0 to work, python drives me crazy sometimesCry

    I understand if the 2.0 release is not finished yet, however, I was wondering if there will be any visible verse/chorus/whatever tags in the live view (the view where you see all the lyrics to put them on the wall)? I see that you've added lots of good tags in the song creation section (not too easy or fast to add a tag though, but they are there!), but I think that one is missing the whole point with tagging slides if you can't see the tagging in the live view Frown


    And finally, I was wondering if there are any ways to check a translation. I took some hours to translate openlp into swedish, but i suspect that a bunch of words is wrong because they are out of context. I tried to replace the openlp_en.ts file but nothing happend Frown


    Have a nice evening! Keep up the good work!


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    We haven't developed the translation bits in OpenLP 2.0 yet.

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    On the subject of tagging these are available on a drop down on the live view control bar.

    With respect to adding them to the individual verses, that will be coming soon, but not before Alpha 1.

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