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I see how to do what was explained in themes and changing font size and working with the wrap around.  I am at the house right now so am not at the church where the 55 inch monitor is.  So from what I understand one cannot size the font for a particular song as is it is edited or typed in new?  The sizing is sort of over all for all songs.  I have just started and have not had a live run of the system yet.  I am trying to head off older folks saying  " THAT IS TOO LITTLE I CAN"T SEE THE WORDS"!  We have an over all older crowd.  Our sanctuary is not very large but still there are those sitting at the back.  Now I can with my glasses see all the print just as it is defalted right now but just trying to keep the complaints low as the system is going. Right now I am the trial and error person and sad to say will probably run it from also playing the organ so something will have to give.  My wife says she is not going to run it.  Sad for me because she leads worship singing and she would be ideal to lead and change the words on the screen.  After trial runs and getting songs in to the system I will turn this over to someone but it will not be easy to get the vga wire to someone further back in the congregation.



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    As far as I know OpenLP currently only support one size for all text. I think version 2 will have more options for formatting. We currently use 4 people, who we trained, to work OpenLP. They have their own schedule. This is to prevent that one person has to do it all, everyweek. Each one only needs to run the system every fourth week.

    Ask around in your congregation, especially the high school kids, they love working these things.

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    As I said previously, the font setting is in the Theme. But different themes can have different font sizes. So if you want one song to have a big font and another to have a small font, create two themes with different font sizes, and in the Song Editor, assign the relevant theme to the relevant song.

    Currently you can only have one theme per song so all verses in a single song will have the same font size.

    Note, this assumes that in the settings you are set to "Use Song Themes" and "Wrap long lines".

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