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Were have been using 1.2.4 since it came out with windows xp sp3 and office 2003. While I was away last week a problem occured. The problem is when your coming to the end of your slides if you click to advance past the last slide power point shuts down. We have to shut down opnelp to restart powerpoint. I have tried restarting powerpoint with openlp running but that does not work.

Anyone else have this problem or are we doing something wrong.


Thanks, DonS


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    Hi DonS,

    This is a known issue that seems to have crept in a recent version. I've already reported it to the developer, but unfortunately he's busy earning a living at the moment so won't be able to look at it for a few weeks.

    Note sometimes setting the "Loop continously until 'Esc'" in the Set Up Slide Show works around this, but not always... and it also (unsurprisingly) means it will go back to the beginning of the show if you advance too far.

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    Im in no hurry. I just want to make sure it wasnt just me.  I must have missed the post with the same problem. Sorry to repost. We can live with the problem just need to make sure everyone we have using it understands the problem and what to do.

    Thanks, DonS

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    I just attempted an update from 1.2.2 to 1.2.4 on a Win 7/ Office 2007 system.  I had the same problem. When I move past the last image of the slide, PowerPoint shuts down and won't re-open the next time I select a presentation in the OOS.  Unfortunately during certain services we have captured notes & lyrics as images and put them within PowerPoint files to prevent the OOS from getting really long.  We use OpenLP to display static images between songs, so restarting OpenLP doesn't work as it would be very visually distracting.

    I installed 1.2.3 and things apparently work ok.  PowerPoint still dies after the last slide, but when I select another presentation in the OOS, PowerPoint restarts and things work as expected.

    The whole goal of moving the 1.2.4 was to get some of the advancements in PowerPoint behavior, so I'll be anxious to see if a fix for this behavior becomes available.

    Thanks to the developers for all their good work!


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    Hi Scott,

    Putting aside the powerpoint problem (which we hoping to fix) I'm curious as to why filling the order of service with powerpoints means they get less long than filling it with songs?

    You can click the [x] on the Theme Manager if you want to hide it (it will come back next time you restart openlp) to allow you to see more items in the order of service without scrolling.

    Seems strange using openlp to project images of lyrics from within a powerpoint, rather than using the builti lyric capabilities of openlp, for which it was designed!

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    Ron, Duluth, MN

    A simple way to avoid the problem, until the developers get it fixed is to add a blank slide at the end of your powerpoint sets.  When you get the blank, you swithch the the next song or entry in your worship list.  Thus it is harder to get past the last slide and lock things up.

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    Thanks for the question.  I was a bit brief on our use model, so it wasn't entirely clear how we use OpenLP.  We use it for 5 service every weekend and many weekends none of the services have songs in common.

    From an OpenLP perspective, our typical service includes:

    1. A PowerPoint loop with announcements that runs prior to the start of the service

    2. An opening song

    3. A response between readings

    4. A prayer

    5. Another song

    6. Another Song

    7. Another Song

    8. A Prayer

    9. The closing Song

    In addition anywhere from 1 to 25 minutes transpires between each item.  So the OOS includes an entry between each of the ones listed above (a JPEG that is displayed on the screens - artistic graphic with a bible verse).

    So you can see the OOS for a normal service consists of at least 17 items. For one service a week, we add about 5-6 additional songs, prayers or responses.

    This assumes each song/image/prayer only consumes one position in the OOS.

    The challenge is that we have one service a week in which the music is primarily chant.  Since most of the congregation doesn't know this music well, we've been searching for the best method of projecting BOTH Notes and Lyrics to make it easier to join the chant choir.  This is where the PowerPoint files creep into the actual service.  So if we have a chant song that requires 3 images to be rendered with sufficient size, either we list these 3 images on the OOS or combine them into one PowerPoint that takes only one slot in the OOS. 

    So if five songs are rendered as individual images (estimate 3 images per song) the OOS will balloon from around 16-17 items to 26-27.  Also it becomes harder to distinguish the artistic image OOS entries from from the rendered song images.  Finally, just trying to manage three image files instead of one PowerPoint file seems like unnecessary complexity.

    I want to be clear that 90%+ of the songs we use every week are lyrics only and stored in the OpenLP db.  There is a strong desire from some people to have projected notes but currently the effort required to render these with the right scale make this an unrealistic undertaking for allof  the different songs we use every week.

    We are very new to projected lyrics and the system is ran by volunteers.  Since my day job is marketing, I understand how important some of this context can be to developers.  I'd be happy to chat with you anytime relating to 'requirements' and use cases if that would help!



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    Hi Scott,

    You'll be pleased to know, then, that in OpenLP 2.0, you can group images under a single item in the Service. This way you can even effectively have a slideshow of images in a single item in the Service.

    BTW, you're welcome to join us in IRC (the "Live Chat") anytime, even just for a general chat. Most of us are around during GMT daylight and evening hours.

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