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We are registered with Song Select.  I can go to import in openlp and then go to Song Select.  I click there and it takes me to the log in user-password at Song Select.  I am then able to go directly into Song Select.  Song Select is working ok when I search and do find a song.  I thought I saw something that said click to load to clipboard to import.  I click the clipboard but the song doesn't import to openlp. I don't see any thing else to click to get the song out of Song Select.  Is there something not working in openlp or am I not doing something right.  Additionally I did reboot a couple of times.  A small windows opens up and at the top says confirm.  BUT, there are two empty white sections at the bottom and I would assume I should click accept or what ever but there is no writing in these places and I try to click and nothing happens. The Song Select seems locked there.  So I do wonder if something is not working in here.  Maybe something got undone in programming.


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    The reason is that CCLI used to provide text for people to copy on the Song detail page. Now they have switched to a picture because they want to track lyric downloads. This is why you can't copy and paste the lyrics anymore.

    So this is not an openlp problem, CCLI/SongSelect upgraded their site and software which screwed openlp.

    To fix this you'll have to go to the songselect site and download the .txt file of the song you want then go back to openlp and select import songselect file, then choose the .txt file you downloaded.

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