Song Select- Is there any one here downloading to openlp

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I was wondering if there is anyone here downloading from Song Select.  I have a couple of issues or questions. 

1. When I try to download I was finally able to get one down load but after that I have to close the whole program and restart openlp and then go to songs, down load again and then in song select and do one more song.  Never can I get more than one song to download.

2. When I down load a song from Song Select there is the name of the author and the CCLI number showing.  When I download to openlp the information about the author does show with the song as it is to be on the screen, the copy write shows but then A STRANGE THING every song I down load has the same number for CCLI that number is 1779035.  It will not show the actuall number from CCLI.  I go to edit on that song and look all over and down in to the area where the information can be put for copy write and there is no number showing at all.  I had planned on just editing out that 1779035 and putting in the proper number but there is nothing to edit.  I type in the proper number and save again and what a surprise the number I type in is there BUT now there are two numbers.  I get the new number I typed but on another line is what is says is CCLI number of 1779035.  Any one else noticed this.

Is this just some programing thing that perhaps could be corrected.  I am assuming it is not coming from Song Select but not sure.

THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR ANY AND ALL HELP.  AS ALWAYS THANKS SO MUCH FOR ALL YOU WHO DONATE YOUR TIME TO PROGRAM AND GIVE US THIS FREE PROGRAM.  Perhaps one of you programing could look in to this problem and maybe there is an easy fix.



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    First of all a bit about netiquette... typing in ALL CAPITALS is considered shouting, even if you are saying nice things in those capital letters, and so some may consider it rude.

    Item 1 you've already mentioned before, you don't have to repeat yourself. We currently only have one developer maintaining v1, and he is currently working on other projects so I'm afraid you'll have to be patient. Most of the effort is now on v2 which is still in development. Also, there is never a "quick fix". All changes need to be investigated, the consequences on how it will affect other parts of the program considered, the changes tested, the application packaged, uploaded to the download sites, and the websites updated with the new version number.

    The CCLI number that is displayed on the screen is always the same number - the number for your church. This is the number the rules require you to display. You may have entered this number when you first installed openlp, and is maintained in the Options -> Settings, General settings. We don't store the individual ccli numbers for each song, since it is not necessary to display this.

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    Dumb ME,  SORRY, SORRY, SORRY, US TEXANS JUST CAN'T DO ANY THING RIGHT!  YEP, I WAS AND AM TYPEING IN CAPS.  I KNOW IT CAN BE RUDE TO THOSE WITH THIN SKIN! I was shouting PRAISE to the those that are working on things.  I didn't mean rude I AM NOT A RUDE PERSON! But such nit picking sure is RUDE!!  I am TRULY SORRY I AM ME!

    I did realize till to  late what that number was.  So thinks for telling me though.  I did not meant to OFFEND ANYONE! I am really a NICE GUY!!! But some times nit picking can be RUDE TOO!!!!

    I will try to not ask any more questions.



    Thank YOU to all who work on this program. We are a small church usually 25 to 40 on Sunday morning.  We purchased a 55 inch lcd screen and are trying to get a lap top going with the openlp program.
    I have looked for some type usb wireless transmi

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