Location independent OOS file

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What I'm looking for is the ability to create an OOS file on a system and be able to copy that OOS file to another without requiring absolute paths to images be maintained.  The desire is to support OOS development on one machine and playback on another without having to have exactly the same file structure on both.  I'd prefer to have paths to images saved by my OpenLP system when the image is 'imported'.  Then the OOS file could reference the image name. 

I realize that I'd have to keep the images consistent between both systems, but that is pretty much the situation we're in now anyway.

I know there have been previous discussions about common databases, etc.  Perhaps there could be an online tool that compares files, db's etc. between two OpenLP systems using a browser and the network.  This tool would identify the differences and allow you to choose which version of the file or song is accepted into the production system (or sent back to the development system).

Thanks for listening!



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