Not possible to import images if there are to many images in a folder?

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I talk about OpenLP 1.9.0 build bzr722 on Ubuntu Karmic:

When I try to import images from a folder with about 10 images, everything is working. But if there are hundreds no images are shown in the import dialog.

Is this a bug?


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    Hi Icicle,

    Please could you report bugs in v2 on the openlp-beta mailing list (details here). You are more likely to catch the attention of the relevant developers that way. We like to keep the forums reserved for v1.x issues.


    But anyway, in your folder of a 100 pictures, can you check whether the extensions are upper or lower case? I've discovered a folder full of ".JPG"'s doesn't show but a folder full of ".jpg"'s does (which I consider a bug).

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    Hi gushie,

    OK, I will report on the mailing list for v2 bugs.

    You're right. They are upper case. That's a bug.
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