Sideways projector

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Is there a way of rotating the display through 90 degrees?

I've realised displaying lyrics may be better suited on a portrait oriented screen.



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    In 2.x it is possible to define your screen size and configuration.  For exampe place the footer at the top of the screen ,

    This should allow you to make the display fit better with you screen.  If you are able to give it a try please let us know how you get on.

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    If you're thinking of carefully balancing your projector on it's side, then some Windows graphics drivers allow you to rotate the display in their advanced drivers. The keyboard shortcut is sometimes ctrl+alt+a_cursor_key but success may very depending on the manufacturer of the display adapter.

    OpenLP should then (in theory) detect the new resolution and adapt next time you run it. I've not tried it though...

    Note however that videos may not work so well!

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