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Is there a way to pick a certain scripture to project instead of always getting the first scripture when we have multiple scriptures in a cue?  For example, if we have like Genesis 2: 3-7, is there a way to pick verse 5 and not get verse 3 all the time?


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    1. To get one verse per slide:

    Go to the Options -> Settings menu, and then select the "Display Settings" tab.

    Here you can select "Single verse per slide".

    2. To start on a certain slide:

    When you finish displaying the previous song/scripture, instead of closing it, choose the blank screen button. This will then allow you to go live on the Scripture (nothing will display) and in the Live controller you can select the verse you want. Then click the blank button again to display it.

    (Note, this will be easier to do in v2.)

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