Choir Monitors

Having choir monitors would be great.  While I can do this by just adding another screen to project on it would be nice to be able to have the screen that the choir sees in just black and white.  Allowing the program to strip out the background to just black and make the text a plain white font, that way the choir can easily read it.


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    Though that would be a start, most similar programs provide the additional features of:

    • Showing the verse number or tagging it as a chorus/bridge, etc...
    • Optionallaly showing the instrumental chords
    • Showing the first line of the next slide, or showing the text for this slide and the next

    Since the "stage" monitor is not only used by the singers, but also as information for the instrumenalists or worship leader(s)

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    Thank you for your suggestions.

    I'm not familiar with these similar programs you speak of, so some questions. Do they do it with a 3 monitor setup, i.e. operator view and congregation view (as now) and a third monitor which shows the choir view.

    Or do they replace the operator view with the choir view, so the operator and choir both see the same thing?

    Or both? :)


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    It would be nice to have a 3rd screen. From my point of view for the speaker. Now and next powerpoint slides with notes, and now and next service items with notes.



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    You have operator view, presentation view and the choir view or also know as stage veiw.  Bsically the stage view just keeps the words and shows a black background by default.

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    Why a different render?

    We use 6 TV's all with the same output,  3 face the band / minister and show what is on the wall behind them.

    It is also useful so they can see presentations etc.

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    Do they have any problems veiwing it?  I know with that the black and white would make reading it easier.  If it is not hard to read with the full presentation a stage monitor output wouldn't be nessesary.  Just a good video splitter and your good.

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    Having used both MediaShout and Easislides, the reason for a 3rd/"stage" monitor/display are:

    1.  The "stage" monitor is likely smaller or much farther away from the user than the main display is from the congregation; therefore visibility must be increased; going simply to black/white is simplest route.

    1a.  Rendering an additonal screen requires additional computation, therefore the simpler the display the less processing power taken/required.

    2.  In cases where the "stage" monitor can be seen by th congregation, it shouldn't falsely allure the congregation to "face backwards?"  Utilitarian vs. Ascetically pleasing.

    3.  In the programs I have used, the "stage" monitor contains additional notes (or can contain) about the next verse, chord information, etc...information that would possibly distract or be cluttersome to the congergation.

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    Rendering a different image for the choir would actually require more computation. It's easy to render a slide once and plaster it over umpteen outputs rather than produce different slides for each of the outputs. Not sure about point 2!

    However the easier to read slides and the extra information about the song/next verse I can see the use for... in fact I would find it useful in our church if we had the technical infrastructure to send an extra signal to the front of the church!

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    Wouldn't it be simpler to just allow the preview window to serve as the output for the stage monitor.  This way you are simply using an existing component of the program, and are not requiring any addition processing power.  If needed, I am relatively sure that the monitor could be set to a default black background and white text.

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