Song Titles (where, when, how?)

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I've been trying out the OpenLP 2.0 testing version for a while on Linux to see how usable for our environment it might be, and was wondering about song title placement/appearance. It seems that in OpenLP song titles are always placed at the bottom of the screen, in a small font, on all of the slides (not just the first verse). Is there a way to control where on the screen it's placed, what font/size is used, and on which slide it appears?

We have been asked at our church to place the song title at the top of the first verse, in a large font, with the hymnal page number at the end of the title for those who prefer to use the hymnal. It appears like this: Amazing Grace (#580), filling up much of the entire horizontal space. Then, of course, we add the CCLI/Copyright info at the bottom of the last slide in a small font.

Is this possible in OpenLP? Thanks!


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    Well the short answer, I'm afraid, is no it isn't possible currently - but we'll add it to the feature request list.

    It is possible to change the position and font size of the footer in v2 (edit the theme and look at the footer tab) but this would include the author and copyright information too.

    It isn't possible to control which slide the footer appears on either I'm afraid, it always appears on all slides.


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    I know this probably goes against your overall vision for the project, and it would require a lot of reprogramming, so feel free to turn down this suggesion, but...

    What if you made your song editor a bit more like a word processor? You could have a "Master Page" where the theme could be set up (and still changed "on-the-fly" in the Theme Manager). This master page could use a slide-shaped "page", which can be manually formatted to fit the screen dimensions (for example, 4:3 or 16:9, or any ratio the user wants). You could include a button to automatically add copyright info to the slide according to theme, if desired (or allow the user to enter it manually if the button is not activated). You could insert a master background image (or video loop?) in this page. You could insert a place-holding "shape" either by standard shapes (circles or rectangles of any size) or free-hand-drawn shapes which correspond to sections of the master background image. The words automatically format themselves outside of this shape, allowing you to have slide text curve around the outside edge of a globe, for example.

    Within the text of the individual slide pages, you could use varying fonts, font sizes, and font colors (so, for example, the user could add a large title and hymn number at the top of the first slide if necessary). You could include a spell-check. You could even maybe add clip art to create sermon slides or announcement slides.

    As I said, just a suggestion that I think would dramatically improve the program - if not for v.2, maybe in future versions.

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    If you're still checking the forums, try this out for titling! It will take editing each song, both the end product should be satisfactory.

    'Edit' each song. Choose 'add', then at the bottom left drop-down, choose 'other', then enter your title (and any other info you want presented). Then set 'O1' as your start of order, then you'll always show the title.

    No as impressive as a formal setup in programming, but it is working for our church so far.

    Tommy White

    Faith Baptist Church

    Frankfort, KY

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