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According to Wiki there is some guidelines about translation and some string standards (or should I write String Standards). I'm looking at the swedish translation and the string standard is not appropriate to use.

"Save As" eq "Spara Som" but it should be "Spara som"

"Display Footer:" eq "Visa Sidfot:" but it should be "Visa sidfot:"

I can't remember seeing any program with swedish translation using your string standard. It just look terrible and is more or less unreadable.

Is it okay to make some suggestions in Project HQ Translation Server for the swedish translation to look like swedish string standard?

If Yes, I will help to do that...

If No, I will help to do that since now it's a little bit of both...


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    In English there are no rules about capitilisation other than proper nouns and the beginning of sentences. I know that in some languages, like German, there are some words that are spelled with capital letters. The string standards are mostly about what looks good, and since most of the developers are english, the standards have been set out with English in mind.

    For instance, "As" in "Save As" would normally be written with a small letter, "Save as" if written in a sentence, but for the menu items, we're going with title case, so it becomes, "Save As."

    At the end of the translator needs to decide which works better. We want to have a translation that looks good, rather than one that adheres strictly to our string standards. The standards are mostly there to make sure that there is consistency within the application. Obviously if you can both stick to the standards AND make the application look good and be consistent, that would be the best!

    Our string standards are based on KDE 4's standards, so if you have access to a Linux machine running KDE 4, it might be worthwhile looking at how KDE 4 has translated strings into Swedish.

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    I've updated the translation guidelines on the wiki to reflect what I've said here.

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    it’s quite interesting, that the guidelines of KDE (, GNOME ( and OS X ( are representing your guidelines. In contrast to Windows ( which uses title capitalization just for titles. This pages also may be a good place to look for translation guidelines.

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