''' Not a valid Integer value

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I have reinstalled openlp and have run into a problem. When I open the program it gives me a message ''' Not a valid Integer Value. I click okay. When it opens everything is missing. I import the library and have to put all the videos back in. I have to reinstall the bibles. I need help before Sunday if at all possible.


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    Go into your settings and set your output monitor, then restart openlp.org.

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    I have just tried that and it did not help. The problem started when I tried to change the splash screen to our church logo. It worked and then I tried to delete themes from inside program data. I shot myself in the foot with that one. It started giving me a message like 'C:\program data\openlp.org\themes\fractal\' is not a valid interger value. I then tried to replace all the themes and that still did not work. So I then uninstalled everything even program data files for openlp. I then reinstalled openlp 1.0.1 and it started saying ''' is not a valid integer value. I am running windows vista with 4gb memory no service packs are installed on it. Please help!

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    OK, here goes:


    1. Uninstall normally.
    2. Delete everything inside C:\program data\openlp.org (I assume as you've done this before, you already backed up anything you need)
    3. Whilst in C:\program data\openlp.org folder in Explorer, see if you have a "Compatibility files" option on Explorers toolbar. If so, click it and delete contents if any.
    4. Install openlp again, a "Full" install. Is there a reason why you're running such an old version? Might be an idea to upgrade to a more recent one.
    5. Do NOT restore any of your backed up files, if you were planning to do so. We'll worry about this later.
    6. Start it up, ignore any errors. Go into the options, set the monitor and set use global themes, select a theme. Close dialog.
    7. Exit openlp, and start it again. Do you get an error now?


    Do you have a backup of your song database you need to restore? If so, did any songs have their own theme? We'll need to do it a bit of maintenance on it to remove links to your themes, that you shouldn't have deleted.


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    If you use the Contact Us -> Live Chat feature on the menu on the left, I might be able to help you further there, during UK waking hours.

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    Thanks guys I made all the songs have the same theme and it fixed the problem. And i love the 1.2.4 version.


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