Deleted part of PowerPoint presentation

Hi All,

Didn't find this particular situation in my search of the forums, but if I have missed it, please feel free to point me to the appropriate topic...


I have downloaded the latest (non-2.0) version and was ready to try everything out this Sunday, but some of my PowerPoint presentation has been erased.

I am an avid computer user and made a big, memorable point of saving my PowerPoint presentation before exiting PP.

I opened up openlp and imported my presentation and added it to my order of service.  I made my PP presentation live and noticed that the last 8 slides (total 11 - only 3 were left) had erased.

I suspect that something funky went on with importing the same PP presentation more than once and various levels of completion.

Of course it looks like openlp saved my presentation as well in its new, reduced state.


Anyone else run into this?  It is likely a moot point anyway since version 2.0 is out in a few hours, but I wanted to know what happened.  I know it sounds like "saving error", but I assure you that it was something wacky with openlp.







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    Hi Yosh,

    openlp (either v1 or v2) does not do any editing or saving of the powerpoint presentation. There isn't any code present that is capable of such actions, it just opens the powerpoint and commands it to move backwards and forwards through the slides.

    Not only that, but v1.x does not even open the original powerpoint file. It takes a file copy of it and opens the copy, leaving the original untouched.

    So I can't explain how you lost your last few slides, but I can't see how openlp could be the cause.

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    Oh and it's only the "alpha" of v2 that is out today. By "alpha" we mean unfinished, buggy and needs more testing! The actual proper release of v2 is still months away, I'm afraid.

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    Thanks.  Yeah it was weird.  I wonder if PowerPoint did something whacky (rather than Openlp) by rewriting the original with the openlp version.

    I don't know.


    v1 was quite buggy for me, so I am willing to try out an alpha version in its place.  I realize it is not "finished".


    Thanks again.  Looking forward to the full release!

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