First thoughts on 2.0 Alpha

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I have to say, I am very impressed with the new alpha release!

I've been holding off on a new computer and display software for our church just to see how this new release will look.  I'm glad I did!

My hat goes off to the team here at Openlp.  You guys have done an excellent job!

I see some great ideas in this release that are really exciting.


I really appreciate all of your hard work and efforts, I just wish I could donate time to help.

All of my programming skills are in the area of C/C++, vbscript (part of my job), and microprocessor assembly language.


Anyway, great job guys and I'm about to boot into ubuntu and give it a shot there.


Thanks a million!!! Cool Smile


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    Hi supercross,

    We're glad you like the release, it's always good to hear encouragement from end-users.

    And no problems with the skillset, I'd happily let you take over the dll for controlling powerpoint viewer, written in C by someone who barely understands the language!!  (Me ;)

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