Buggy to open, etc.


Thanks, and God bless for your obviously really hard work. I'm so impressed at how quickly this application is progressing!

I'm using 2.0 in Ubuntu 9.10. When I open the program, I see the splash screen, and then I get nothing but a grey screen. I am able to restore the GUI (and use the program) only by pressing alt-F9.

Also, currently the software is not compatible with DockbarX... I am unable to select the program using my dock—it appears as an icon, but it is greyed out and unusable, and impossible to get rid of even after I exit, unless I log out and back in. Furthermore, every time I open a new window within OpenLP, I get a new icon in my panel that is impossible to get rid of. I'm sure that fixing for DockbarX isn't high on your priority list, but I thought that I should point it out anyway.

Thanks again, you are doing a great job.


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