Problems on Debian Squeeze

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running OpenLP 1.9.1 on Debian Squeeze and have encountered a few issues.

  • the songs panel on the media manager is missing. I can however enable the others (Media/Presentations/Images) and load files etc.
  • alerts, songs and bibles plugins do not seem to be available despite being in the underlying filesystem
  • Tools->Add tool does not work (no visible change when selecting)

Just FYI, the following do work

  • dual screen
  • loading images/media/presentations

Hopped over to irc but nobody was around. Any other info needed pls let me know.




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    You need to install SQLAlchemy 0.5.x, lxml and BeautifulSoup in order for the Songs, Bibles and Custom Slides plugins to work. If you don't have a "python-sqlalchemy" package as recently as 0.5.x, you'll need to install SQLAlchemy using "easy_install".

    By the way, if you'd spent more than a minute in IRC, and said something, you might have had a response. Most folks are working, and don't sit in IRC all day waiting for people to come in...

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    Thanks for the response. I had installed those packages but I'll need to check the versions (not on that laptop right now). According to though the version of python-sqlalchemy is 0.5.8-1 so that's probably what I have installed.

    I've since install 1.9.1 on a Kubuntu (9.10) box via ppa and it's fine there so I am guessing it must be something odd with the Debian packages. if I discover what it is I'll get back to you.


    P.S. Sorry if the IRC bit caused offence. It wasn't a criticism, more of an explanation as to why I hadn't asked there. I too was at work at the time and my lunch break was fast ending so I couldn't hang around myself very long.

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    Found the problem - there was a local apt-cache problem which prevented python-sqlalchemy from being installed. I fixed that and reinstalled and it all works fine now (except Tools->Add Tool but that's not a deal-breaker as they say).

    Thanks for a fine piece of work.



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    Tools -> Add Tool doesn't work because there's nothing there yet. Wink

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