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Bible search on the fly has always been slow. The current (and long-standing) system of drop down menus can often be difficult to find and display Bible verses quickly. The preacher or prayer leader has moved on by the time the display is up. It should be possible to create buttons (Genesis through Revelation) and then have buttons for chapters, then select first verse with the rest following.

I've seen it done by OliveTree for mobile phone, ie you click, for instance, Genesis, then Chapter 3, then Verse 5 which instantly displays with all following verses waiting to scroll after.

I'd love to see something of the sort, if only as an option, as I guess the current system suits some.


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    Um, I've never actually used the dropdown menus. I just type my verses in, and there we go. Much faster.

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    Thanks for the prompt reply

    It's an option when you've got the verse, and I agree it is faster, but you must be extremely lucky if you get the verse first.

    Our ministers, and visiting ministers, tend more towards "Can we open to such and such book, this chapter, reading from verse 1 to n and can we have it on the screen, please?" - forgive the rubbish!

    Usually some member of the congregation is quick to find it and start reading (particularly from e-bible) and we are desperately trying to catch up.

    I'd like to take the opportunity to thank you for wonderful software. I introduced it to the church about 3 years ago and it continues to improve. I noticed the prospect of streaming video, which will be a huge bonus.


    To God be all the glory

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    I once pulled verses on the fly while the sermon was going on using the quick search, just typing and going live. And I was never given the end verses ;-) I guess I just have fast fingers.

    We're discussing the Bible lookup amongst the developers, and how to make it faster and more usable, although I still think typing, "gen 1:1-10" is pretty fast.

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    I'll leave it all in your blessed and gifted hands. I wish my skills were good enough to get involved, but each to his own I guess. I've done little more than play around with Python, so I can't be much help.




    To God be all the glory

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    18 months ago, I hadn't done little more than play around with python, and Raoul and co have since foolishly accepted some of my code :)

    I don't know if you have a background in other languages but there may be opportunities in the future for mobile phone remote control apps, which would likely require a different technology. Also we're looking at importing songs from other programs. Some of these have databases that cannot be accessed via python, so an export may need to be written in something else.

    But all contributions are truly welcome, whether it is coding, testing, documenting! Even suggesting new features or alternative ways of looking at an option helps. Your post has started a discussion on how we could make improvements.

    So whether it is 5 minutes or 169 hours each week, every bit helps :)


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    OK, I'll give it some thought. My skills are really around HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL but I've done a bit of C and Java. I'm excellent at picking fault with things! :)

    Seriously, I'd probably be more use around testing or documentation.

    I've tried just about every free presentation program available, and in my humble opinion, nothing else comes close to OpenLP. But some of the others have features that are interesting, like modules for church administration (members, visitors, finances, etc).

    While it is outside the remit of on-screen presentation, and perhaps to some thinking, separate software altogether, i see possibilities at some point in the future.



    To God be all the glory

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