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Firstly, let me say a BIG thank you to the devs for coming up with such an awesome software. YOU GUYS ROCK.

A bit about my ministry - I'm a sunday school teacher cum worship leader. The music we play for worship is played from a CD/computer audio file (i.e. no live band), which makes the lyric/song association in openlp priceless.

I have several requests/suggestions. I admit that I have no idea if they are already present in v.2.0, but if they aren't, could you consider including them?

1) Increase the number of playable song formats. My software can only play .wma files, while most of my soundtracks are .mp3. While I can convert between formats, it would be much better to be able to play it straight from .mp3.

2) Increase the number of playable video formats. Same as above - I only can play from .wmv, other formats like .mov can't be used.

3) Allow more text formating options. What I mean is to allow basic formatting like 'bolding' or 'italicising' or 'underlining' words when typing in the lyrics of a song (preferably) or to apply to a theme (such that all the words are formatted as such).

4) Include a background-only option. You have a blackscreen, which is good, but I don't see any way to just display background without text, but keeping the song active. Currently, getting only the background showing also deletes the song from the 'now playing' window

5) Video backgrounds. It would be AWESOME if you could somehow link the text/lyric display and the video-broadcast functions together, such that we can display text over video files (will also require a 'loop' option, of course).

6) Automatic Slide Transition. This would be something similar to PowerPoint - we can program the lyrics to change in a preset sequence, at separate timings. Basically my idea is that when preparing for worship, we can listen to the song playing and change the lyrics at appropriate times. Thus, during the actual service, all you have to do is press 'play' and the music will play, with the slides changing at the appropriate times. Automation to the max :).


Yep these are my requests, but the current software is awesome enough :). Once again, the current software is fantastic and such a blessing! Thanks so much!


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    Hi thekmt,

    Thanks for your feature requests, my comments:

    1: Version 1 and version 2 alpha should already support mp3's.

    2: Types of videos that can be played usually depends on the codecs loaded on your machine.

    3: We would like to do this in a future version, but it probably won't be in v2

    4: This has already been done and will be in the next alpha release.

    5: This is planned for v2 and is already being worked on

    6: v1 already supports this, and it is supported in v2-alpha for images. We plan to extend this functionality to songs. However you will only be able to fix a single time interval for every slide change, not on a per-slide basis.

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