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We want to run Announcements before the service. I was thinking of putting them into a PowerPoint but from what I read, I can not put them on a timer to flip through using openlp. I don't see any way to seemlessly switch from PowerPoint back to openlp so I'm wondering how you all do it.
Maybe it's just as easy to copy them into a song as verses?



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    If you put timings into the PowerPoint and configure the PowerPoint to loop, then it will still loop, even when started in OpenLP. There have been issues from time to time when it has got stuck (e.g. if you use the laptop for something else whilst the PPT is running), but clicking the next slide button should set it on it's merry way again.

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    Will it also start automatically when Going Live or does the "play" on PowerPoint need clicked? Will I see anything happening if NOT hooked up to the projector but just stand alone? I ask that because I am setting it up at the house.

    Thanks gushie.

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    You don't need to switch to Powerpoint itself. Going live on the PPT within OpenLP should be sufficent. If you find it gets stuck on a slide, just click the next slide button in OpenLP and that should set it going again, assuming of course you have added the timings in PowerPoint itself when you created the presentation!

    If you haven't got two monitors, then I don't think you'll see anything since OpenLP v1 is designed to operate with two.

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    Gushie, just a little OT, if you play a video, does it show in the live viewer window? I'm playing a .wmv and the controls are there, the slider is moving like it is playing, but just a black screen in the live viewer window.


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    Just as an extra to the original question, there is another way round it all. We have consistently run two computers\laptops through a 2 in, 1 out manual vga switch. This means that on the odd occasions when we are still playing around with, say, a PPT presentation, we can do it on the other computer while openlp is up and being used. Just swap out to the other computer when the PPT is needed. Equally, it's possible to easily run 2 instances of openlp (or Powerpoint) which can sometimes be useful on larger events and conferences, since one instance can be used for those improptu moments.


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    @Hamtey: I guess you're fortunate to have two laptops and lots of space! We're cramped into a little space next to the PA desk at our church and took us a while to save up the pennies so we could get one capable laptop!

    @jseagull1: Yes the video does normally appear on the little window, but I don't know what happens if you only have one monitor.

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