Error importing portuguese bible

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I'm creating the CSV portuguese bible file Based on a TXT file located in, because I can't find any CSV Portuguese Bible.

Following the Bible Import Steps I created the "testment" CSV-file, the "book list" CSV-file and then finally the versicles CSV file.

The import process starts normally, but during the status "Importing Verses...", when it's almost 50%, I'm getting the error message: "There was a problem importing the verses: SQL logic error or missing database". It's seems to be a missing caracter, maybe a invalid caracter or something like that.

This error message is too generic and almost 50% of the versicles is OK. It's strange.

Does anybody know how to solve this problem ? I think I can manually import the bible into the SQLLite Database of OpenLP, but I want to share these CSV files with people who wants to use OpenLP with portuguese version.

I'm using OpenLP 1.2.4 and I put the CSV files I created at

thanks in advance


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