MS Office 2010 Compatibility

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I was curious about what tests (if any) have been made with OpenLP-v2 and the Office 2010 Beta that's been out for quite a while? I know currently when I start OLP2 it does not recognize it at all. Just putting that out there


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    There haven't been any official tests done, mainly due to there not being many Windows developers, and even fewer with Office installed, and as one of the very few, I don't want to upgrade Office yet... Also there are a few quirks in v2 with PPT 2003/2007 so it's possible your hitting the same problems with 2010.

    I was hoping that since every version of the PPT API has been pretty much backwards compatible with the previous version, that this trend would continue...

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    Which you would be right. I just found the setting in OLP2 where you tell it if PPT or OOo is installed. Opened just fine though and ran a presentation. Leave it to a noob to ask questions before experimenting.

    Thanks for all the awesome work. So for future reference, OLP2 is working with PPT2010

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    That's good news, thanks for letting us know.

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