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I need to transfer to a different computer.  Is there a way to get all of my songs transfered to the other computer once I get  Openlp installed on the newer computer?  I have downloaded several songs from ccli and have edited a lot of songs that I do not want to loose.



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    If you are using Ubuntu then the settings are stored in /home/username/.local/share/openlp with the songs in songs/songs.sqlite

    If you are using Windows then I do not know but they could be in your Application data folder, Vista: C:/Users/Username/AppData XP: C:/Documents and Settings/Username/Application Data

    You can then copy this folder, or just the bits you want, into the appropriate folder on your new computer.

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    If talking about v1.2.4 then please see this post


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    No I do not use Ubuntu.  The original computer is Vista and for the moment I need to transfer to a computer running XP.

    Thanks for trying to help.  I will look around at the setting locations you suggested to see if that is where they are located.

    And yes I am using 1.2.4. I looked at the post link and printed it out.  So between both of you who responded I am hoping to figure it out.

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    Or you could just export the songs from the File menu in openlp then on your new machine just delete all the existing/installed songs and import your songs from the exported file. 

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    The Vista location for the program data is in a hidden folder:

    C:\program data\

    In order to see it you will have to set folder options to "show hidden files and folders"


    Bob S.

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