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I have a 160 meg PowerPoint file to run tomorrow. It is full of pictures from VBS and timed to switch every 5 seconds. I realize this is a big file and it takes about 7 seconds to load after I go live with it. Since it is only pictures, that delay won't really matter in the part of the service it is scheduled for. Somebody told me one of the other worship software will preload the next item in the order of service. My questions are, does the other software actually do that? Is there any way to shorten the delay of my presentation? Is there an alternative?

I know one alternative would be to switch back and forth from extended to duplicate and run it on PowerPoint but that would be cumbersome.
Thank you.


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    You can save the video as a WMV file then it will play better inside openlp.

    ive used this to setup a slide show to run on our tv from a usb stick and display on our main screen.



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    The time-delay may be partly the amount of time it takes to populate the slide controller slide previews if it has lots of images. If you blank the screen after the previous item you can then go live on the PPT in advance, and unblank when ready... however if it's timed, you may need to experiment to see if it'll auto-advance OK like this.

    Within PowerPoint itself, if you click on an image you will have an option somewhere to offer to compress all the images to a suitable screen-resolution (this option is in a different place depending on version of PowerPoint). This might help the loading speed.

    Also if its auto-advancing and you don't need the benefit of OpenLP to preview the slldes, it may just be as easy to stick it on the desktop and just run it outside OpenLP!

    Finally if you want a slideshow of just images, you could try v2. Here you can import a load of images. Select them all and add them as one item to the order of service, and then use the timed slide option in the slidecontroller. (But then since you needed it today and the service may well be over, probably a bit too last minute for this! :)

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    I checked all the images and sure enough, they were about 7 meg each. I batch resized and got the file down to 96 meg for 142 pictures. It took about 5 seconds to start but instant on was not critical. I like the thought of saving as a wmv but also have a question for you gushie.

    We had a guest speaker with a presentation today. It had a few fly ins per slide. I ran it in v1 but I could not tell tell what was coming up next on the screen. I dragged the live view pane down to the bottom to see two slides showing which gave me a hint. You mentioned blanking the screen. If I blank the screen, would the PowerPoint show on the extended? Since I never have used PowerPoint until the last few weeks, is it possible to show the PowerPoint on the extended screen and still see everything coming up on the monitor, like the fly ins and the next screen? It wouldn't seem very quick if the display had to be switched from extended to duplicate which I thought would be the only option.

    Hope I made myself clear enough with these questions.
    Thank you.


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    If you press the blank button whilst showing a PowerPoint, then the PowerPoint will also be blanked on the main screen.

    In the live view/controller window, you will see one image per slide in the list of slides at the top, and this is the final rendering of the slide and doesn't show the steps. The bit at the bottom attempts to do a bit of a screen-grab, so it can only display what is actually being displayed on the projector at the point in time it does the screen grab. So if blanked, not a lot! Also for PowerPoints it is always best to use the [<] [>] buttons for advancing the slide, rather than click on the slide preview images themselves. This way animations won't get missed.

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    That's how we ran it gushie. Thanks

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