Is there a way to fade from one item to another when clicking on it ?  


  • Hi guys - We're looking to change from ProPresenter but the transitions are the only snag in what appears to be otherwise excellent software. Is there any intention or any timeline to implement a simple fade to black or fade to logo transition? Given that this has been a feature request since 2011, what do you see as the bottlenecks which are stopping the implementation?
  • @jbngar the biggest bottleneck is our particular implementation of the display screen. There have been various iterations of it over the years, and they all have had various flaws. Because OpenLP is also a cross-platform app (unlike ProPresenter which wasn't until recently), we have to choose a solution that is going to work across all platforms with minimal effort.

    Of course one of the other factors is that as a group of volunteers working in our spare time we don't have a lot of time to devote to every single feature request. Also, because of this, we can't dedicate a team of experts to develop some uber fast ultra fancy renderer. We'd love to have all the bells and whistles of the commercial apps, but unless we have some fulltime paid developers, there will always be a trade-off.
  • Thanks Raoul - the efforts of you and all the volunteers are gratefully acknowledged. I don't think anyone is asking for an ultra fancy renderer - all we are asking is that the fade transition that currently operates between slides be implemented between the song screen and the logo screen or fading to black. In other words, it seems like the functionality is there, it's just not applied everywhere. Please let me know if I'm being too simplistic in my assessment. Cheers :-)
  • @jbngar The short version: Yes, you're being too simplistic :-) There's a lot more going on there than meets the eye.
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