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I have a number of "irregularities" when using Impress with OpenLP.

Is there a "best" option to use out of Impress, PowerPoint, or PowerPoint Viewer please? 


  • Hi!

    Impress does not always work properly when used with PowerPoint presentations or in some cases Impress presentations made in other computers.

    Do you have these "irregularities" when you display then presentations without OpenLP?
    If so, I'm afraid it's a bug in Impress and nothing we can do about.

    PowerPoint is generally speaking a bit more reliable than Impress, when it comes to displaying presentations correctly.
    Ideally  you would open Impress presentations in Impress and PowerPoints in PowerPoint to avoid "irregularities".
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    Thank you Azaziah.  The irregularities are probably the OpenLP integration with the presentation software.  I understand the irregularities when, for example, creating a presentation with Powerpoint and then using Impress to display it or vice versa.  My problems are things such as Preview not working or slides not showing in the Live window or preview behaving differently when used from Library and Service Manager.  These seem to be often, but not always, reproducible.  I get these even if I create an .odp file from scratch in Impress and then use OpenLP/Impress to display it.  The problems seemed to go away very briefly recently when I installed LibreOffice instead of OpenOffice (I've tried switching between the two several times).

    Essentially, I'm wondering if it's worth spending money on Powerpoint.  I'm happy to do that if it will fix the problems but I'd hate to waste the money if it left me with the problems.  Maybe my next thing to try is to use Powerpoint Viewer.   Any advice would be very gratefully received - what combinations of Windows/OpenLP/presentation software are people using successfully?

    BTW, I have OpenLP 2.4.6, not 2.4.5, but 2.4.6 isn't listed as a version when posting a new topic in these forums.
  • We have some issues with presentation previews,
    but we are hoping to get them fixed eventually.

    Thus I'm afraid getting PowerPoint wouldn't help.
  • Thank you.  That's good to know.  Thanks for your help.
  • Your welcome!

    I've added 2.4.6 to the list and edited it to your post, thanks to you for the reminder! :)
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