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I've read through the user manual, but can't find whether or not it says anything about my question.

Is it possible to use a remote control such as those used for PowerPoint presentations to control OpenLP?  I know you can use an app for it, but we have an actual PowerPoint remote that would be more useful if it is able to be used with this program.


  • Most of these remotes are simply sending keystrokes to the program in focus, so the answer is most likely yes. But why don't you just download OpenLP and test? :-)
  • I have only a little experience with PowerPoint remotes, but I agree with @tgc. They're mostly USB-driven mini keyboards (specifically, the arrow keys) which is one way of controlling OpenLP. It *should* work, and OpenLP is free anyway, so I say try it out! :)
  • As long as you keep the focus on the Live panel.

    If you click to the Library for example, the remote would just move up/down on the library items.
    But you can always click a slide in the live to re-activate it.
  • It should be possible, you will need to do a couple of things

    In configure OpenLP, choose advanced and change for when the last slide of an item is reached, go to the next item, otherwise you will be stuck in one item.

    Reconfigure keyboard shortcuts from the settings menu, A Logitech remote I tried seemed to use the Page Up and Page down buttons, which by default just move up and down the service list in OpenLP, You will need to change those to other keys, and then change next slide and previous slide to page up and page down instead of up and down

    BTW, if you are playing a PowerPoint inside of OpenLP, it will just work.
  • Thanks for the information and suggestions.  Sorry it's taken me a few days to's been really busy lately.
    The reason I'm looking at using a remote instead of the app is because it seems it would be easier for a praise team member to use than trying to look at an app on a phone or tablet.  Normally, there is someone back at the computer, but I'm trying to be prepared for that occasion when the computer operator is gone or has to sing in the praise team.  I already own a presentation remote, so was hoping to use it if needed.  I haven't downloaded the OpenLP app yet, but I plan to soon, so I will test out both options.
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