Text Size change 'on the fly'?

Hi, I'm aware that text size can be changed by entering 'Theme' and going through a few pages. BUT, is it possible to change the text size in live mode? In Songpro5 just by clicking the { and } keys changes the font size to larger or smaller. Is there a key command to do the same thing in OpenLP? I don't want to sound ungrateful for a free program, but for a program which essentially displays text, I'm going to be shocked off the face of the planet if adjusting the text size is a limited feature!

So, are there any key commands to change text size in any version of OLP?

Thanks for your help. :)


  • Yeah, there is no such a thing in OpenLP, you need to make 20 themes for 20 fonts.
    Super convenient! Maybe this should be added to wishlist, though it may be difficult to do.
  • I'm not a developer for OpenLP, but I'm curious about the usage of such a feature.  My church is small, so that may be part of my confusion, but we plan out virtually all our text ahead of time.  The only "unplanned" text that we show is Scripture, and OpenLP handles that well.  When/why would it be useful to change font size on-the-fly?
  • You can have various sizes within a document by making tags. That's what we do, but it requires planning. I've never come across any case for changing a font size in the middle of projecting it.
  • Thanks for you comments. We have a projector that we use in a few different rooms, depending on the event. In some rooms the projector is close to the wall, in others it is far away. To be able to just '{ or }' the text (plus or minus text size) would be amazing. This is what can be done in SongPro 5 and I think that zoom in out should be the most basic of basic features in presentation software. Just like in audio software where you can zoom in and out of the wave form. But I can appreciate your point - if you have a FIXED projector and screen, nothing moves or changes and everything is prepared in advance then it's not so important.
  • @jazzyj, that makes sense.  I can see why you'd want the ability to change the font size.

    I went ahead and submitted a feature request to the bug tracker for you.  If I misrepresented or left anything out, you can add a comment to correct me, or just post an update here.
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