How Long has OpenLP been a product?

We're considering switching rom EasyWorship to OpenLP. I need to convince the decision makers that OpenLP is a stable product. I need to answer basic question such as : How long has it been a product? How many churches use OpenLP? How stable is the program in Windows? I need to know for sure that we will have a seamless transition from EasyWorship to OpenLP. Please advise. Thank you!


  • Thanks! I never thought to look there.

  • Also, as an open source project, we have no idea how many churches use OpenLP. We have over 3000 fans on Facebook, and we've amassed over 100,000 downloads (probably closer to 200,000 at this stage), so that should give you a hint.

    OpenLP is about as stable on Windows as Windows is. For best performance, I personally recommend using a better operating system. I've had great success with Kubuntu Linux.
  • Yes, gives me some history of the program.  I need to know for sure that we will have a seamless transition from EasyWorship to OpenLP. Most likely we will be using Windows 10 since we are buying a new computer.
  • I posted the same question in different categories because I thought I might have a better chance of getting a response. I posted a question on July 20 and never received a reply. Maybe, I didn't post that question properly. That's ok!

    Im not a computer guy I'm a musician and sound guy. We will likely by a low end budget laptop, which will likely come which I suppose will come Windows 10 on it :( We will be using LibreOffice too. That being the case, I'm basically trying to figure out if I should be ok using OpenLP to project lyrics and play videos. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!
  • I don't use LibreOffice myself, but I believe OpenLP is (one of?) the only projection applications that can directly display LibreOffice files. 

    Also, we use a budget model Windows 10 laptop that was a display model at Best Buy, and it works great. You should be fine. If not, we'll help you out.

    Sorry I missed your first thread. I really do try to keep an eye out for new questions/comments. 
  • Um, you posted your first message on your profile wall. That's why no one saw it.
  • We use windows 10 and libreoffice 32-bit and it's an excellent stable combination. Very reliable. Have been using it for six years. We use it in a multilingual setting and it works great. It's simply the best. What more is there to say. The best for his glory.
  • I think the answer here is just test it out for yourself, download it, import some songs from EasyWorship in to it, once you've played with it for a bit you can decide if it would be good for your church to use
  • We have been using OpenLP for about 6 years. We have gone through several releases. The program is very stable. Do check out new releases before going live to make sure that everything works in your setting. I chose OpenLP because over all the programs I tried, it was the first one where I was able to get a service started without reading any instructions. Of course, I could do it better after reading the instructions.

    The best method we have found is to use the portable version on a USB "thumb drive". I can set everything up at home, then carry it to the church. We have both an old Windows XP (not connected to internet) and a Windows 10 at church.  Release 2.4.6 works well on either system from the USB drive. With this method we keep our song database updated correctly. We just use a cheap laptop.

    The XP has LibreOffice. The WIn10 has Microsoft Office. Either one with handle the presentations. We use VLC for the video player.

    We are waiting for moving backgrounds. There was a method with transparent themes, but that is not working. Therefore, the background (themes) have no motion.

  • Note that Windows XP isn't officially supported.
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