Feature Request: Tie songs together

at our church we often have a few songs that will transition into another song so it would be nice if we could have more than one song in the live list at a time.


  • Hi Chris, do you know of any other worship software that does this? I'd like to see an example.

    Alternatively, have you tried just setting your Service Item Slide Limits? https://manual.openlp.org/configure.html#service-item-slide-limits

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    I could not give you an example unfortunately as I've only used OpenLP & Open Song, it was just an idea that had popped into my head. it would be nice to be able to attach two songs (so the copyright info & everything is separate) but so i could quickly switch and control what slide i switch to, i do not understand the slide limits thing unfortunately or i would try it. currently i would use the service manager to do this but would have to go into "Black Screen" or "theme only" mode to do this incase the wrong part of the song popped up.
  • Hi Chris,

    At our church, we configure the song order ahead of time for precisely this reason.  Put your songs in the Service Manager in the order you want them to appear.  Next, right-click on the song and choose Edit Item.  At the bottom of the Song Editor window is a label that says Verse Order.  This is where you define how OpenLP will display a song.  For a classical hymn, the order might go something like V1 C1 V2 C1 V3 C1 V4 C1, where C1 is the Chorus and V# is the verse.  That way you can ensure that the first slide (and all following) are correct.  You get the slide abbreviations, by the way, from the Lyrics section just above the Verse Order.  It's the part of the left-hand column of the lyrics list.
  • If you load the 'other' song into the preview window can you not select a specific slide to bring that live, then preview the 'first' song so that you can jump back into anywhere in that?
  • If you put the song into the Service Manager, you can click the > symbol to "expand" the song and see all verses, choruses, etc and you can click on that to choose a specific slide to go Live.

    I'm not certain if you can send a specific slide Live from the Preview screen.
  • Trying to remember what I did a few days ago (I've slept since then) but IIRC you can double click on a given slide in the preview?
  • Cool!  I'm going to have to try that out.  :)
  • There's a button in the preview slide controller to send the current item to live.
  • Oh right - can't believe I forgot about that.  ^_^
  • sorry for delayed response been busy. I wish I knew enough ahead of time to be able to configure songs like that (I find out the song list at the beginning of services and that is out of my control). I will try the clicking from the service manager as I didn't know that was a thing. thanks for the help everyone
  • " (I find out the song list at the beginning of services and that is out of my control)"

    It doesn't have to be... Someone knows well before then, and they could tell you if you asked them.
    You may need to point out that having them on Thursday, with a 'possible change or two' on Sunday morning is much better than having nothing - and everything being a last minute change
  • I forgot to say this earlier, but I tried double clicking a Preview item, and it doesn't go Live. It gets appended to the Service Manager list.
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