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64-bit Windows and 32-bit VLC?

Newbie here just starting to look at OpenLP. Looks like a winner, but having a problem configuring VLC. 

I'm running on Windows 10 64-bit. The instructions for OpenLP say I need to install 32-bit VLC if I want to use VLC as media player. 32-bit VLC is only available as a ZIP file, not an installer. I've tried putting the un-zip'd directory  into 'Program Files (x86)', but the option is still greyed-out saying that it's not available. How exactly is it supposed to be installed? Would a search menu item be a better way to handle this?  I've tried to use media after making 64-bit VLC the default player with order {System Webkit}, but that doesn't work - just shows a black screen. 

Suggestions please??


  • OK - figured it out myself - for anyone else who may be similarly puzzled here are the steps:
    from the VLC Windows download page, click on "Older versions FTP archives". follow the links to 2.2.6 (or current latest version) -> win32 -> vlc-2.2.6-win32.exe. Download that and double-click to install. You should now be able to configure VLC in OpenLP. Remember to use the Windows settings "Default App Settings" to make VLC the default for Video Player (and Music Player if desired).
  • Thanks for posting the update!  :)  I bet it will help someone else.
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