Feature Request: Next Song Slide in Stage View

I am brand new to OpenLP and I haven't found this kind of topic in the forums, so here goes:
I chose OpenLP because of the stage view. I am the worship leader and it's incredibly handy to have the next line of the worship song available in advance. I appreciate the volunteers operating the projector but they aren't always the quickest on the draw! However, viewing next slides only seems to work for the current song in the Service Manager. Once you get to the last slide in a song, it only shows you the title of the next song. I would REALLY LOVE to have the actual first slide of the next song in the service manager to appear there. I have created a custom stage view and I am currently trying to manipulate a few things. You can see from the attached screenshot that my current workaround is to create a note that has the first line of the next song. The problem is that I don't need that text to be present until the last slide. It's currently taking up space in the stage view until the very last slide. I am also having to manually create a note for each song. Not the end of the world, but it would be fantastic if this could be automated. Am I missing something?  Thanks for the help!


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    Firstly, this is definitely achievable and someone better than me can offer better advice.

    It *should* be easy to achieve, I think, using /api/controller/preview/text *BUT* I get the same result from both /api/controller/main/text and /api/controller/preview/text, so I think there is a bug in the current implementation 2.4.6.

    Once that is resolved, it will be trivial to do what you want.

  • I've been looking at the 2.4.6 code, and the latest code on Launchpad. Not good news. While the comments in the 2.4.6 code so that preview text can be retrieved, this is not implemented. The comments are out of date in other ways too.

    This whole section  has been rewritten in the current development code, but still without any support for previews.

    It could (should) be done, but will take a reasonable amount of work.

    IMO...I'm no expert.
  • Here is the workaround I came up with while I hope for an update.
    I simply put the first few words of the song in the Title. 
    Next: Resurrection Power (You called me from the grave by name)

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