Openlp freezes when HDMI used

I have the following problem. I am using Window 7. I reinstalled Windows 7 and Openlp. When I work with Openlp on my laptop alone, it gives no problems. But when I enter HDMI to cast onto the projectorscreen,openlp sends the first song onto the projector and screen, but THEN the Openlp screen freezes. To press cancel and any other button does not help.. It seems like Openlp takes hold of the upper layer on the desktop. When I press alt,control ,delet together, i do get the task manager. And then I can log out and log in again. But outside of that, I get no response from openlp program by any means, it does not help to press escape. I had the same problem about 18 months back, and found advise somewhere on the internet. It was a small adjustment somewhere, cant remember! Please, help! :(


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